Some of the projects that Integreal has implemented are as follows:

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Turkish Ministary of Foreign Affairs, MedyaArsiv
Medya Arsiv is a media tracking and archiving solution for the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In over 120 countries around the world, Turkish embassies and consulates are recording important news about Turkey and Turkish people: important local news, information about people and companies using the web solution designed and implemented by Integral.

SISCOM, SAMA Secure Data Transmission Module
Integreal designed and developed a Secure Data Transmission Module which provides secure communication between parties and SAMA over secure HTTP (HTTPS), using SSL and through signed and compressed messages. This allows users to have better data transfer performance with industry standard security. This solution will also provide a Windows Service on the bank side which will periodically poll “return” schema updates from SAMA and insert them into the bank’s local database.

King Faisal Specialist Hospital, Active Directory and Mainframe Sychronization Project
KFSH uses Microsoft Active Directory and Mainframe environments. These two environments were synchronized using AD Scripting. Integreal upgraded these scripts and developed new ones in order to provide new features such as logging, migration of departmental information, special security groups and non-employee users.

Saudi Hollandi Bank, SIMAH B2B Gateway
SIMAH provides consumer inquiry services to banks in KSA. Integreal developed a B2B Gateway solution to Saudi Hollandi Bank which allows their core banking application to directly query consumer information from SIMAH.

National Commercial Bank, eTadawul ASP to ASP.NET Migration Project
National Commercial Bank has around 100,000 registered users and expects to have an estimated 2-3 times that amount in the coming years. Throughout this improvement project, Integreal did the migration project of their eTadawul web solution from Microsoft ASP (Active Server Pages) to ASP.NET technology. As ASP.NET is a high-performance object-oriented and more stable technology, the migration improved the capacity of the system by approximately 40 to 50 percent. In addition, the .NET technology provides a better infrastructure and structured development environment for future improvements and additional features.

Microsoft Arabia, Development and Infrastructure Consultancy
Microsoft utilizes Integreal resources for many development and infrastructure engagements and workshops. These engagements vary from short term engagements to long term projects.

Saudi Hollandi Bank, Corporate Business to Business (CB2B) Solution Backend Migration
Saudi Hollandi Bank has changed their core banking system to a new and more advanced solution (T24). Due to this change, Integreal worked on their Corporate B2B Solution (which was also developed by Integreal) to integrate with the new core banking solution.

Arab National Bank, Corporate Business to Business Solution
Microsoft developed a corporate B2B solution some time ago. ANB started a new project for a new CB2B solution that is more generic and utilizes the new technology. We have started the envisioning and design aspects of the project.

KSA Ministry of Interior, National Information Center (NIC), Production Test/Staging Lab Environment
For this project, we designed and implemented a test/staging environment for NIC. This environment has more than 25 servers, controlled by Microsoft Automated Deployment Services (ADS). In this environment, we built base images for operating systems and many products like Windows 2003, SQL Server, Cluster BizTalk Server, IIS, ISA, Analysis Services and MQ Series etc. So in just a matter of hours, NIC can deploy an extremely complicated test or staging environment utilizing these images.
In addition to base images, we have created images of their different solutions currently in production. Because of this, the customer can easily restore a test environment for any of their solutions, exactly the same as the production. They can then test new software releases from their vendors, patches or service packs, before going to production.

Saudi Hollandi Bank, Corporate Business to Business Solution
This is a generic B2B solution which enables the customer companies to post account to account, SARIE and SWIFT payment transactions and receive daily customer statements through their own ERP systems. The system is fully customizable via a web interface for variable spot days, transaction and treasury limits, discounts and commissions, specific to each customer. The system has been in production for more than 8 years. The transactions are processed as “straight through” processing.

National Commercial Bank, Microsoft SQL Server Consolidation Project
The project has been finished successfully and all the production systems that utilize Microsoft SQL Server are consolidated into this environment with the following benefits:

  • Centralized management
  • Optimized hardware resources
  • Standardization of platforms and processes
  • Greater return on investment
  • Reduced costs (possibly including staffing and administration costs)
National Commercial Bank, Application Consolidation Project using Microsoft Virtual Server
NCB has already implemented a consolidated environment for their application servers. This environment has several problems. Some of them are as follows:
  • Different application are compatible with different operating system, i.e. Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows 2003
  • Some applications are conflicting with each other, e.g. using same settings, same registry entries, different versions of same drivers etc.
  • Some applications may consume high CPU or server memory and affect the performance of the other applications residing on the same server.
  • Failover mechanism is manual. If the main server is down, the backup server should be configured to use the main servers IP and started.
To overcome these problems, we implemented a new environment utilizing Microsoft Virtual Server. The biggest disadvantage of Microsoft Virtual Server is that it does not have an automatic failover mechanism in case of the physical server failures. For this reason, Integreal implemented Integreal VM Failover Service. With this service, it is possible to create a cluster of any number of physical servers. These servers host many virtual servers and in case of any physical server failure; the virtual servers that are on the failed server, are automatically distributed to the other physical nodes.

Council of Ministers, Consultancy and Support for Diwan Document Management System
The Council of Ministers receive request and inquiries from citizens, institutes, governments in the form of letters, e-mails, documents, faxes etc., record them into their system, process by the appropriate ministries and responses are returned to the requesting parties. This system is mission critical for the Kingdom. We provide them many times consultancy on supporting and improving their system, solved many problems and helped them on the design of their new system.

Council of Minister, Microsoft SQL Server Replication Design and Implementation
Council of Ministers document management system utilizes SQL Server replication between its offices and was facing some difficulties in maintaining it due to bandwidth and configuration problems. We designed their final replication architecture considering their network bandwidth and the operational requirements and finished all replication related problems.

Saudi ARAMCO, Microsoft .NET Workshops and Trainings
We provided trainings to the developers of Saudi ARAMCO on many topics related to Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft Visual Studio 2003.

King Fahd Medical City (KFMC), Microsoft Development and Infrastructure Workshops and Trainings
We provided trainings to the developers and system engineers of King Fahd Medical City on several topics related to Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, Active Directory and Exchange Server.