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http://www.Awan.wsAWAN Market Price Dissemination Service (http://www.awan.ws)

Aimed at helping aspiring investors keep track of multiple stock markets around the world, Awan provides its customers with services allowing them to view real-time price information and analysis over multiple markets, so they can gather information before making their investment.

Integreal was tasked with creating a software solution to handle multiple facets of Awan’s customer services. From customer management, subscription and accounting, to registration and client website creation, Awan needed a solution that would seamlessly blend all of these disparate systems into a single solution. The result is a website where Awan’s clients can access multiple markets and multiple investment providers offered through multiple providers.

http://www.derayah.comDerayah Investment Solution (http://www.derayah.com)

With a focus on empowering individual investors, Derayah created the first mutual fund supermarket in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. For this particular project, Integreal built an end-to-end online brokerage solution from the ground up, with full integration into Tadawul (the Saudi Stock Exchange) and other markets through a FIX gateway, while allowing their customers to trade throughout multiple financial markets using a single user account.

Alawwal Bank (former Saudi Hollandi Bank) – New EMV Integration Solution Alawwal Bank (former Saudi Hollandi Bank) – New EMV Integration Solution

Integreal was requested to develop an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solution between Alawwal Bank’s new ATM Switch and the core banking application which handles payment transactions and ATM statements. This system handles thousands of transactions daily, as all Point Of Sale, ATM transactions and mini statement requests are processed via our EAI solution from the ATM switch to the bank’s core banking application. Our solution, of course, fit seamlessly into their existing structure, bridging the two systems and allowing the management of batch files, while effortlessly relieving what had been a very high load on this critical system.

http://www.alawwalbank.com Alawwal Bank (former Saudi Hollandi Bank) – PIN validation Integration for Internet and Telephonic Banking

When SHB needed an answer to their legacy communication problems, they turned to Integreal for the solution. Integreal implemented a system which integrated seamlessly with their ATM switch to allow PIN and Telephonic PIN validation, as well as PIN setup and change services within the bank to flow through the channels which still use legacy communication methods. These channels include: IVR (telephone) banking; Internet banking and eTadawul Site.

Alawwal Bank – PIN validation Integration for Internet and Telephonic Banking Alawwal Bank (former Saudi Hollandi Bank) – Ariba Procurement Solution Integration

SHB is using the Ariba Procurement Solution to manage their vendors. This solution is a web based service and our solution integrated the solution with SHB’s core banking system. The integration maps and transfers “Okay- to-Pay” payments to core banking, while transferring payment statements and daily exchange rates back to Ariba.

We developed a two-way integration solution to bridge the Ariba Procurement Solution (a web based service) to the Saudi Hollandi Bank Core Banking system.

Alawwal Bank – Simah (Saudi Credit Bureau) MW Solution Alawwal Bank (former Saudi Hollandi Bank) – Simah (Saudi Credit Bureau) MW Solution for Consumer Information

SHB has contacted us for one of their biggest trouble maker, Simah MW for transfferring consumer information. Until now, different vendors provide their data in different formats and data errors. So we have developed a solution, that overcomes all these data errors, store and format the data in Simah format and uploads it to Simah automatically. The solution requires no manual intervantion on any step of the process with the added benefit of web-based administration for logs and management.

http://www.alawwalbank.com Alawwal Bank (former Saudi Hollandi Bank) – Vision Plus Credit Card Solution Integration

Integreal developed an integration solution linking Saudi Hollandi Bank’s new credit-card system Vision Plust to the bank’s many other systems (including Core Banking, Telephone Banking, Internet Banking, Simah MW, Data Warehouse, Statement Printing etc). The solution was two-fold: The batch module processes Vision Plus extract-files, creating new extract-files which are then transferred for use by the bank’s other systems, while the online-module provides real-time processing for credit-card limits, balance and loyalty-point enquiries, mini statement requests and real-time payments to credit card accounts.

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